Get up to speed on the beach and towards the body of your dreams

Summer brings beach scenery, sunshine and the sea breeze of the sandy beach. But what if a bikini body sounds like a curse and self-confidence is in its drops, because the body doesn’t seem ready for little sunbathing? The mirror image may still be far from what you want, so this article will help you get back to the beach quickly so you can fully enjoy your summer and your bikini body!

This complete guide will help you get your body ready for summer 2019!

Keep your diet under control
There are certain diets to achieve your ideal body and the same goes for beach fitness. If your dreams have a solid and sexy bikini body, this summer-ready program is a great help to fulfill your wishes. First of all, the diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, lean meat or legumes. Whole grains and low fat dairy products support this healthy summer diet, and you can reduce swelling in your body by adding plenty of fiber to your meals. In addition to this, the diet should exclude sweets, fried foods, fatty foods like cheese and ready meals. Already with these guidelines the beach condition is one step closer.

Delicious smoothies and milkshakes are also perfect for bikini hunters. Powerful ingredients such as Spirulina, Amla and BCAA Glutamine Powder simply outweigh the beneficial nutrients and protein. Dose intake monitoring is also important, as it avoids consuming extra calories. Snappers can reduce their daily meals and, when hunger strikes, resort to drinking water and fresh vegetables and fruits. Supplements like Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin support the journey to summer fitness as they support metabolism and help control appetite and lose weight while maintaining lean body mass.

While it is essential to take care of your diet and reduce your snacking, you should not miss your meals. Regular eating during the day helps to keep hunger at bay and blood sugar levels steady. Therefore, smart meal choices are a better option than fasting. Drinking enough water is important as dehydration can lead to overeating. However, it is worth keeping in mind that a beach-oriented diet or body hydration does not contain soft drinks, coffee or alcohol!

While the right kind of diet is the first step towards a solid bikini body, the importance of exercise should not be overlooked. Exercise for summer fitness should last about 30 to 60 minutes at a time and should be repeated about 3 to 6 times a week. However, beginners should keep in mind and tailor the training program to their own level. Here are some of our favorite tips for cleaning up your beach:

Aerobic Training: Sports such as running, cycling, climbing stairs, rowing, jumping rope jumping, elliptical training, swimming or dancing are just some examples of aerobic training. Training is most effective if there is more than one favorite sport.
Intensive Workout: Regular workouts can be interrupted by high-intensity workouts as they help you burn high calories both during and after your workout. When heading towards summer fitness, it is a good idea to include intensive training once or twice a week.
Group Lessons: Group training gives you additional motivation and efficiency in your workout while making it more fun. Bootcamp training or kickboxing seem a bit more effortless when there are more enthusiasts.
Strength Training: You should invest in strength training about 2 to 4 times a week. Strength training involves training with resistance and targeting different muscle groups in the body. Exercise can include a variety of exercises such as foot squats, step squats, push-ups, planking, rowing, traction, abdominal contractions and much more.
Toning Exercise: Body-shaping toning training can be done in a yoga or pilate class, or in the comfort of your own living room.
Tips for getting a bikini fit
In addition to diet and beach fitness training, other factors encourage you to be more confident when you have a solid and beautiful bikini body. The following tips will help those who want to have a great look, a good mood and a beautiful summer day without worry:

Posture: You should pay attention to good posture. The secret of a single look is the close shoulder blades, the activation of the deep muscles of the body, the navel pulled towards the spine and the tail bone pointing towards the floor.
Swimsuit: Swimwear should not be chosen in a hurry. A good swimsuit will slim down your body silhouette and create the illusion of an hourglass-shaped body, so it’s best to leave poorly-seated swimmers on the shelf without hesitation. It is best not to stop searching even if it takes time to find a flattering swimsuit, because if you have to adjust the top or bottom to fit in the fitting box, you will have to do it on the beach as well. The perfect swimsuit enhances your self-confidence by emphasizing the good sides of your body and can be a decisive leap towards a perfect bikini body!
Beach Tunic or Scarf: Travel to and from the beach in style with an outfit that flatters the shape of the body and fits the colors and personality of the wearer.
Skin Preparation: If your goal is to have wonderfully glowing skin under the sun, remember to make sure it is exfoliated regularly.
The ideal bikini body is often a misunderstood concept as many compare their bodies to other people’s bodies. It’s a good idea to avoid this mistake! Every body is different, and you should focus on caring for your body to make yourself as beautiful and confident as possible. A healthy body is beautiful, and it is worth trying to get rid of needless self-criticism!

So focus on knowing your own body and doing your best to enjoy your body and feel good and confident as much as possible. Adhering to routines, diet, and exercise routine can sometimes seem tedious, but if you find your motivation is diminishing, focus on your goal – perfect summer fitness. In addition to our guide, you will need to put in your determination and perseverance to meet this challenge you set yourself. The perfect bikini body is not the result of a couple of days of effort, but a reward for a long process. If you suspect your own resources, you can help a friend who is following your progress along the way. Finding an affordable personal trainer can also be a great incentive.

Turn on all your energies, because while the ideal bikini body is a dream for many, it is not possible to achieve it without determination. Summer is approaching that fast, so create your own plan now and get your cops ready for summer!

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